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From October 23- November 21st, this is a period of death & rebirth. At this time, our life force withdraws from the world of activity and goes inward. Scorpio’s energy is: passionate, intense, destructive, regenerative, and feminine. This is a fixed water sign and Scorpio represents the urge to sink deeply into the depths of emotional experience and to destroy old structures in order to make room for the new to emerge.

How to work with scorpion energy: Work to eliminate old habits and behaviors that have been holding you back. Issues that involve control/power can also arise now and emotional patterns and conditions stemming from childhood or past lifetimes. psychological counseling can be helpful during this period.”- Skye Alexander, Magickal Astrology There is no shame in taking necessary steps to providing balance and tranquility for your mental health. Scorpio is also associated with magick of all types: this sign is the ruler of the genitals so sex magick, and occult power, as well as the hidden realms are at the forefront. It’s no surprise that many pagan holidays celebrating the life cycles of death and rebirth I.e Samhain, Halloween and Dia de Los Muertos fall within Scorpio season.

Use this time for magical workings pertaining to sexuality, divination, journeying, and prosperity rituals crystals: obsidian, and garnet.

Here are the key dates for Scorpio Season:

  • The Sun enters Scorpio on October 23, igniting our intuition, emotions, and drive to achieve the impossible. Transformation and change is in the air, move towards personal growth if you can. 

  • Action planet Mars moves into Scorpio on October 30, pushing us to assert our energy towards our desires. 

  • The New Moon in Scorpio occurs on November 4 ignites our passions.

  • Mercury dives into Scorpio on November 5, allowing us to lean into our intuition and to embrace our gut feelings. 

  • Venus dances into Capricorn on November 5, urging us to focus on taking our finances and relationships seriously. 

  • The lunar eclipse in Taurus occurs on November 19. This lumnation will give us the strength to move towards what we love. 

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