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The week ahead has it’s tense moments, but overall is much calmer — which is the emotional  break that we all need right now. Venus, who’s in Sagittarius, harmonizes with Saturn, who’s in Aquarius, on October 13. This may take a toll on our confidence. Luckily, Mercury, who’s retrograde in Libra, connects with Venus on October 16th, making us feel seen and understood. The Libra Sun meets up with Jupiter retrograde in Aquarius on October 15 and squares off with Pluto in Capricorn on October 17th. This gives us the chance to assess our feelings, make necessary changes, and take our power back. Mercury and Jupiter turn direct on October 18th , giving us a clear sense of how we want to move forward, now that the haze is lifting. Mars and Jupiter link up on October 18th , allowing our plans for the future to be well thought out.


There is a major element of service moving through your aura right now. You are here to help, and you are the one for the job. Use your fiery spirit to make sure that growth, change, and transformation happens on a grand scale. Give your time freely to expand your mindset.


Open up your mind to what you have been doing to block specific things from yourself. You might even consider writing out your thoughts in order to see them on paper. The moment you do this, the easier it will be to make necessary and essential changes in your life.


You might feel guilty about not spending time in every space or setting you really want to include yourself in. Step back and see how much work you are actually getting done at once. The moment you are easier on yourself, the more at peace you’ll be in the moment.


Home is where your heart is, but it’s not where your mind is. This week you are spending more time fixating and worrying about what everyone else is doing. Instead of letting your mind go there, recenter the energy on yourself. Focus solely on what makes you happy and smile. 


The moment one part of your life picks up, another area flounders. Instead of getting upset or feeling disappointed, take this as a cue to rethink your goals. What you think you want may not be the part you’re meant to take. Have faith in yourself and trust the process. 


The connection that you have with the material realm is hurting your self-confidence. Do not compare yourself to what others have and you don’t. The moment you stop putting this stress on yourself, it will be easy to find resolve and clarity in accepting the fabulousness that is you, Virgo.


You’ve been feeling creatively stuck lately, which has been making you not want to pursue artistic ventures outside your comfort zone. Take the week off from pushing and moving forward to clear your mind and reboot to align with projects that showcase your talents. The right opportunity is coming soon. 


Healing your body, mind, and spirit is hard and takes work. But, you’re dedicated towards trying to improve your life which will allow you to make bold moves in improving matters. Don’t just put a bandaid on your heart, invest the energy in mending and fixing your life right now.


It’s been a long road to evolving your confidence. This week, the best course of action towards boosting your  self-esteem is to practice affirmations in the mirror everyday. Make sure they come from the heart and are meaningful. You will feel more comfortable in your own skin when you do. 


More often than not, you reflect on the past and analyze matters thoroughly. This week calls for you to get out of the daydream and live in the present. Stop focusing on things that have happened and use your energy to navigate through current situations and to make them stronger. 


The anxiety that’s been running through your mind is mellowing out, mostly because you’re no longer second guessing your decisions and thoughts. Embrace this moment of calm and do something wonderful for yourself. Treat yourself to a day without drama and stress. Turn your phone off, disconnect, and be present.


The veil between the physical and spiritual world is becoming thinner — especially in your world. Therefore, the need to double up on protection magic is strong to ensure that you remain powerful and no unwanted energy enters your realm. Cast a circle of black salt around your home for protection. 

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