It’s Time To Pardon The Pendle Witches

My mother’s family hail from Lancashire. My mum grew up in the shadow of Pendle Hill, surrounded by the historic stories of those doomed men and women we know today as the Pendle Witches. Mum passed down to me the stories of Anne Whittle, Ann Redfearn, Elizabeth Device, Alice Nutter, Alizon Device, James Device, Katherine Hewitt, Jane Bulcock, John Bulcock and Isobel Robey who were the victims of religious persecution. They were victimised, tortured, and murdered and it is now time to pardon the Pendle Witches.

This Halloween, I am joining the Blackpool Tower Dungeon in their #ImAWitch campaign, calling on the UK Government to grant an official pardon for the 10 innocent people who were tortured, convicted, and hanged for Witchcraft in 1612 in Lancashire. England. These people are known as the Pendle Witches and they were the victims of a huge miscarriage of justice. Sign the petition now!

As the Blackpool Tower Dungeon website states ‘409 years ago the Lancashire Witch Trials took place. Ten innocent people were convicted and hanged for Witchcraft in a religious and political persecution conducted by the authorities … Unfortunately, the ‘Pendle Witches’ were not alone. They were amongst thousands who faced a similar fate across the UK. These innocent people were victimised, tortured and murdered.’

Although I’m not a practicing witch myself, being a woman and a feminist involved in paranormal research who knows many modern witches means that I jumped at the chance to wholeheartedly back this campaign. Not only this, but although people may no longer be hanged for witchcraft in the UK, persecution of those accused of witchcraft still happens around the globe, sometimes with deadly consequences. I also know men and women who are practising witches who face prejudice for their beliefs here in England.

Together we are fighting to right the wrongs of history, stamp out stereotypes, and take a stance against prejudice and persecution. Sign the government petition calling the UK Government to grant a pardon via a Royal Prerogative proposal for the 10 executed Lancashire Witches.


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