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November 4’s Scorpio New Moon occurs at 3:14 PM PDT / 5:14 PM EDT. It’s the last New Moon before the eclipse season begins in two weeks. The New Moon in Scorpio is a time that is urging us to let go of expectations and to be present. Also, to listen to our intuition and to feel our feels on a deep level. 


This lunation activates the Saturn and Uranus squares from February 17 and June 14 (it also sets the stage for the upcoming aspect on December 24) — with the addition of Mars. The fraught combination of the Sun, Moon, Mars, Saturn, and Uranus will create a fixed T-Square. This cosmic connection calls for immediate change and growth, which won’t be easy due to the fixed nature of the planets. Abrupt and conflicting emotions may persist, as well as extreme anxieties that are brewing within. However, it’s not all gloom and doom. The fixed star Alphecca adds positive energy to the New Moon, making the overall vibe more honorable and dignified. The Sabian Symbol is 


The only way out is through when it comes to dealing with fixed energies, which is why we are going to tell you how to survive and thrive during this chaotic time:

● Don’t make commitments or plans. Live freely without restrictions.

● Take time to process your feelings. Gather and collect your thoughts before making decisions and responding to situations.

● Try new things out. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to cross stitch, now is the time. Feeling wanderlust? Think about the places you’ve never been and are yearning to visit. Maybe you want to experiment by eating a new kind of food or exploring your neighborhood.

● Don’t resist change — especially now. This lunation is going to be hard if you don’t keep an open mind. Be gentle on yourself as you evolve and grow. If you want to take this process slowly, then progress at your own pace.

● Take a break if you need to. Stop putting pressure on yourself. Remember that you’re amazing and doing the best that you can.

● Although it may be hard, adapt to the changes that are taking place. Even if you don’t or can’t commit to the vision, at least try to adjust your views a little.



Embrace your intuitive and psychic abilities by connecting to the astral plane. 


Manifest love and kindness by defining what you want from your friends and family on paper. 


Connect your body, mind, and sprint together  through meditation or yoga. 


Give yourself time to play and have fun without worrying about the stresses in your life.


Self-love can lift your spirit, which is why it’s time to heal past wounds. 


Stop talking about your dreams and make them happen IRL by taking a chance. 


You have the power to bring in abundance and money, if you want to. 


Allow yourself and those in your life to be free by giving complete autonomy. 


Let yourself rest and unwind by taking a detoxing and healing bath. 


Take a stand and commit to a humanitarian organization that you believe in.


Discuss how you can use your unique perspective in revolutionizing the workplace. 


Think of a new and exciting adventure that you will embark on. 




A calming bath is ideal during this lunation, as stresses will reach a high. 


Light a white candle to purify and clear the energy around you.


Place rose petals and your crystal of choice in the bath to energetically charge the water, along with a cup of Epsom salt and a dash of Florida water. 


Soak in the tub for 20-25 minutes while listening to music and allow yourself to connect to your body by focusing on the now as you melt away your worries. 


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