A Haunted Family | True Story Submitted

Since childhood and growing up in New Orleans, La, I’ve had many encounters with spirits.

When we moved into a 7-year-old house in San Antonio, Tx. from the very 1st day we were haunted in a most extreme way.

As my 18 year old daughter and I were putting up dishes, my boys came in and asked why we were knocking on the walls in my oldest son’s room where they were playing. The boys were 8 and 10. I told them we hadn’t been upstairs and wrote it off as new house new sounds – Maybe pipes or something.

I went into my bedroom around 11pm to get my cigarettes and my husband and daughter were downstairs still trying to get things put away. The boys were sound asleep. I was about to walk out when I see what appeared to be a black beastly bird looking thing. It had these black feathers. I got this horrible feeling it wanted to hurt my kids. It’s the most intimidating thing I have ever seen. It looked at me and was in this hallway between my boys’ rooms and me.

I couldn’t move or scream.

I was in complete shock. It moved up into the attic as some of this shadowy creature appeared to fade then vanish. It was so big it took up the entire hallway and some of it seemed to stand in the walls. The energy in the house had an electric charge as well as the back yard all the time. You could see these white and black orbs consistently from the very beginning.

I had a little yorkie puppy we had just brought her about a week after we moved in. She was perfectly healthy. Until, I heard this awful high pitch scream. We ran in to check on her. She had run under the couch. No one was in there, but you could feel the negativity in the air. It was thick and it felt cold in there. It had scared both my daughter and me. Her eyes, snout and mouth began to swell. We took her to her vet a few days later and they felt it was some sort of allergic reaction.

We gave her medicine and the swelling went away within a short time. It wasn’t long after that we noticed her walking into walls. She had gone completely blind within 6 months…..she is still very unwell and I completely blame what ever is in my house as the cause of her constant illness.

Submitted to Website by Anon.

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