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The week ahead brings many changes that will prove fruitful in 2022. We are planting the seeds for what’s to come in the next year. Mercury and Venus’s retrograde connect in the sign Capricorn on December 29, sweetening the day with kindness and gentleness. Also, Mercury enters its pre-retrograde phase on December 29, setting the stage for the planetary backspin that commences on January 14, 2022. The same day, Mars in Sagittarius and Saturn in Aquarius gives us the strength to power through any obstacles that come our way. Mercury and Pluto align in Capricorn on December 30, adding passion and zest to our words. Be careful in what you say on the 30th to avoid arguments. The Capricorn Sun and Uranus retrograde in Taurus harmonize on January 1, allowing us to start the new year off on our terms. Mercury glides into Aquarius on January 2 and opens our eyes to new possibilities, while giving us clarity and fresh perspectives on matters. The following day, Mercury connects with the Nodes of Destiny, bringing us fated news, alliances, and information. The New Moon in Capricorn occurs on January 2. This lunation will help us in manifesting our 2022 goals and visions. Therefore, it’s important to focus on what needs to grow and blossom in the new year. Jupiter in Pisces squares the Nodes of Destiny on January 3, offering us two different paths to take that will change our lives forever. Choose wisely! 

Witch Tip:

What do you want to bring into your life in 2022? Think about what energy and vibration you were wanting to add to your Orb. Write down your letter of intent to the Universe and meditate on your dreams. This will help you attain your goals and desires during the New Moon on January 2. If you think about your dreams throughout the week, you will be able to manifest fully on January 2. Now, is the time to assess and connect with what your heart wants to bring in.


Taking total ownership for your actions and being accountable can be challenging, especially when you think you’re correct — even if you aren’t. Allow yourself to be placed on the same standard you hold others to in an effort to resolve the dichotomy and sanctimonious hypocritical sentiments that exist within. 


Journaling is an excellent way to manifest your goals for 2022. Not only will you be able to put these plans into action, but you’ll be able to connect with what your heart feels and wants. When you see your hopes on paper, you will start working towards attaining them. 


This week you are learning that kindness, patience, and flexibility are needed in becoming a good and noble leader. Knowing that you can be generous, efficient, and caring while steering the helm will help you create the powerful vibe that you want to have in your personal and professional life. 


It’s time to redefine and grow relationships in order for them to reach their fullest potential. Understanding what it takes to harvest a loving and kind partnership that has the potential to last long-term won’t be hard, as long as you pay attention to your feelings and acknowledge your sentiments.


Although it’s easy to give your power to others, it’s important to note that you are the one who holds all of the cards in your intimate partnerships. Don’t allow others to control you or tell you how to think. You are your own person, with individualistic ideas and notions. 


In an effort to avoid saying things impulsively, write your thoughts down before expressing them. This will help you gain clarity in what you want to state, as well as allow you to avoid putting your foot in your mouth and making regrettable comments that others will not easily forgive. 


Home is where your heart is, which is why you should spend more time in your dwelling this week. Think of this as a much-needed restorative break from your stressful daily routine. Take a break from the outside world and spend a few days cuddled up in bed resting. 


The need to control matters and situations will be strong, as you are trying to mend problems and fix relationships that need adjustments. Keep in mind that you can’t be the glue that holds issues together all the time. It’s a group effort and requires mutual care to actually work.


Take a break from the mundane world and indulge in earthly pleasures. This doesn’t mean celebrating the incoming new year all day, rather it urges you to shift the focus of your energies and give you the space to create something tangible that can change your life for the better.


Before you twist conversations and the intent of situations, make sure that you’re hearing the other person clearly. Although you want to make everything all about you, the likelihood of this is slim. Allow yourself to see the bigger picture and offer compassion to those in need while maintaining boundaries. 


As the new year commences, you’re soul-searching for the best ways to elevate your heart and mind. Also, to be the best version of yourself. The caveat is that you are not inwards to understand your needs and mend past issues. This means righting wrongs and owning up to mistakes.


Turn your restlessness into opportunities. Instead of having sleepless nights and extra energy in the day, focus on how you can make your innermost visions a reality. Don’t just spend time plotting, thinking, and dreaming. Spend this week gaining insight in integrating these aspirations to be part of your hustle.

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