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The first New Moon of 2022 occurs on January 2 in the earth sign Capricorn. This lunation harmonizes with the planet Uranus, who’s currently retrograde in Taurus. The planetary connection will create an exuberance of energy, allowing us to be one step ahead of others. Also, giving us the inspiration and motivation to embrace fresh thoughts and sentiments as we move into the new year. We will want to let go of the past and hit the reset button in order to build a better comprehension of ourselves and the world around us. 

Whenever Uranus aspects a New Moon, it brings change and progress. Being that the rebellious planet is retrograde, along with Venus and Mercury is in its pre-retrograde zone, we will see a minor shift in the way we process information. Our minds are urging us to reboot and to see matters from a different perspective, which will allow us to take a step back and process situations in ways we haven’t before. Therefore, this will be the beginning of our personal renaissance and awakening that we will encompass throughout 2022. 

More importantly, freedom is being given to us. We have the power to decide how we want to move through the year and what intentions we wish to set. We can reinvent ourselves now and choose our own adventures without having to answer to anyone. We have the ability to create the personal world we want and flourish in it. 

The fixed star Nunki is activated from the New Moon, adding positive energy and good vibes to the day. The Sabian Symbol is “A Fire Worshipper Who Meditates On The Ultimate Realities Of Existence,” which means that we will be thinking of inventive ways to shake-up and reinvent our lives in the months ahead. 

*The New Moon occurs on January 2, 10:33 AM PT and 1:33 PM ET. 

What to Manifest During the New Moon

  • Set a powerful intention for the New Year. Meditate on your goals. Write a letter of intent to the Universe asking for your soul’s desires. Light a white candle and think about the energy that you want in your life. This will set the tone for 2022.

  • Visualize what you want to bring into your life. If you can see and believe it, then it can happen in reality. The more energy that you bring to it, the more it will manifest into reality. 

  • Take a cleansing bath with Epsom salt, a few drops of Florida water, and rum, with baby’s breath flowers to reset the energy as we go into the new year. 

New Moon Mantra, Based on Your Zodiac Sign: 

Aries: I am in control of my professional destiny and will make moves to advance my career. 

Taurus: I am a powerful and magical person who can manifest the reality I want. 

Gemini: My dreams represent my desires, which is why I’m honoring them at this time. 

Cancer: I will connect with friends, family, and those I care about to make a better foundation. 

Leo: I am revamping my daily life to find peace of mind and maintain balance in my activities. 

Virgo: I will cherish and honor my creative side by expressing my artistic talents. 

Libra: My personal home is my sanctuary and I will do everything to protect it. 

Scorpio: I know that words have power, which is why I’ll use mine wisely and with care. 

Sagittarius: I will focus on saving my assets, rather than spending without concern. 

Capricorn: I will be more open to new possibilities and less rigid in my thoughts. 

Aquarius: No matter how much logic I apply to life, I will begin to trust my intuition over reason. 

Pieces: I will give more of my time and energy to the community that I belong to and live in.

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