Jupiter transited into the constellation of Shatabihak (Aquarius 6.40-20.00) on Jan. 2nd and stays there until March 18th.  This connects Jupiter, with Rahu the owner of the star and with Varuna, the deity.  Jupiter enhances and exands the energy of wherever it transits and bring great wisdom for bio-technology wisdom and healing and let’s hope there are major break-throughs the next few months.

The  constellation of Satabhishak, is a  highly philosophical, socially active and humanitarian in its nature. It forces us to breakdown all boundaries of race, age, status, nationality and religion and usher in a feeling of oneness with humanity.   Liberals will rejoice in this value but it is spurring  a deep polarization in the world vs the more conservative Saturn, the dispositor  of Aquarius  creates  tension. Given the conflict between Saturn and conservationism and nationalism and the liberal energy of Satabhishak we will probably see more anger flare-ups and conflicts in the US.

This may be emphasized as Uranus, the planet of freedom and liberty stations in Aries at 18 degrees on Jan. 18th while Mars transits into early degrees of  Sagittarius,  Jan. 16-20th, which is where it moves to the Galactic center of the universe and seeks to uproot deep-rooted secrets.  The Mars return to Sagittarius also brings the 2 year anniversary of Corona and maybe some new knowledge will be arrive to move us beyond. Mars in Sagittarius will incite anger to do righteous work to fight the corruption underlying the pandemic. Let’s hope this combination can bring up new truths so that we can move past this ugly part of history

See if you can stay out  of the political anger that the media is continually trying to stir up. It robs your peace of mind and is much bigger than anything we can control and that is frustrating but save your self and help others rather than rail against things you cannot change. You can use the Mars energy to do service work and help people   and donate to those in need and that is a way to transform the political anger”

Shatabishak is also a constellation connected to bi0-technolgoy and healing so the transit of Jupiter into this constellation may finally bring to light more therapies and preventative techniques to deal with the virus. The constellation of Shatabhisha is about reconciling the conflicts of life.  We will see even more tension pop up the next two months  between   liberals and conservatives, between the fight for fear of a 3rd wave of deaths or sickness and the desire for freedom.   Aquarius requires us to come together and resolve the conflicts of our world and different opinions but Mars/Ketu   connections in the constellation of Mula (Sagittarius 0-13.20) will stir the pot of anger, frustration and tension regarding these issues.  We have to draw on the healing energy of Varuna, the deity of the constellation  of Shatabhishaka to reconcile the conflicts of our world and reach out with humanitarian energy rather than with conflict and protest.

On the psychological level, Jupiter’s transit into this constellation inspires our soul and higher self to move beyond the mud and the entrapment of the physical world embodied in Rahu and rise up to heal our weaknesses with deep wisdom.  Deep psychological and spiritual healing can happen during this time.  The transit will support artistic careers but Saturn’s continual self-deprecation will negate Jupiter’s attempt to expand one’s creativity here.

Satabhishak is a Rahu-owned nakshatra and Jupiter is the big tamer of Rahu. Let’s also hope that the grace and wisdom of Jupiter can halt the crazy greed and ambition and lack of ethic that has been so strong with Rahu in Taurus.

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