What happens during a full moon? 


The Sun and Moon oppose each other in the sky, while the Earth resides in between the two planets. The juxtaposition and position of the planets create a glowing effect on the Moon that makes it look brighter than ever from the Earth’s perspective. 


What does it represent?


The full moon represents the culmination of the 30 day lunar cycle. All of the projects that we’ve been working on for the past month reach an ending or hit a pivotal turning point. Change and growth has happened. Now is the time to reflect and enjoy the fruits of our labors. 


When does January’s full moon in Cancer occur? 

The full moon occurs on January 17 at 3:48 PM PT and 6:48 PM ET.

Here’s where the Wolf Moon gets its nickname.

This is a time when wolves would howl in the cold air at night in the wilderness, outside of the villages. Hence, that is where its name came from. 

What does the full moon in Cancer mean, astrologically speaking?

The full moon is going to be astrologically intense. The moon will oppose the sun, Venus, who is currently retrograde, Pluto, along with harmoniously aspecting Neptune. This means that we can expect powerful and potent revelations in relationships. Instead of leaving a partnership that isn’t working, it’s time to evolve and mend the situation. Although it will be hard, emotional, and tears will be shed — there is a healing and transformative energy that can strengthen ties with others. 

The asteroids Ceres and Juno will be in orbit of this lumination, which means that the reason behind the relationship drama is jealousy and control. We may act out of character to make our points known, but in the end, choose to shake it off as a momentary upset. After all, Ceres represents unconditional love. Even though we will feel slighted, in the grand scope of life and the partnership we’ll write it out as a temporary upset. 

There are always going to be a million red flags and reasons to walk away. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a ton of reasons to work on things with others. Instead of arguing, offer love and support. Don’t turn your back on those you care about unless you are really ready to let go — which is doubtful due to Venus’s planetary moonwalk. Before saying words that will create bigger problems, speak about what’s truly in your heart.

What rituals should you do during the full moon?

The astrological practice of Moon mapping ascribes rituals to each of the Moon’s eight phases. Here are a few rituals to consider trying out during January 17’s full Moon. 

  • Take a bath with moon water, Epsom salt, and fresh or dried lavender. If you want, place rose quartz on your heart chakra while you soak in the bathtub. Let the water heal your body, mind, spirit, and heart. It will walk away from the emotional upsets and anxiety you’re feeling. 

  • Make a witch bottle by taking a glass bottle, placing nails in it to detract bad energy, sea salt for purification, and wine. Seal the jar with melted black wax from a candle. You can bury them on the perimeter of your home. Some people place them in their chimneys. These are a form of protection to detract negative or bad energy from your orb so that you can live a happy life away from the projections of others.

  • Charge your crystals under the full moon. This is an energetically intense lumination. Therefore, you can expect your crystals to receive maximum potency.

  • Hold a virtual moon circle and release your feelings by speaking them out loud to a group of supportive friends. The moment you let everything out — the better you’ll feel. 

  • Write a letter to the person you care the most about or disagree with. Send it. Express your truest feelings in a nice way, to ensure they know how you really feel. 

The full Moon has a message for each zodiac sign.

Aries: I will accept myself for the amazing person I am.

Taurus: I will take time to stop and smell the roses, even though I’m busy.

Gemini: I can manifest my destiny by believing in myself and my goals.

Cancer: I am stronger and more powerful than I or anyone else knows. 

Leo: I will let go of the need to control outcomes  and trust the process.  

Virgo: I will embrace my friends and family with loving arms. 

Libra: I will expand the scope of my professional possibilities. 

Scorpio: I will open my mind to exciting and unforeseen possibilities. 

Sagittarius: I will create healthy boundaries in relationships.

Capricorn: I will emotionally show up for all of my partnerships. 

Aquarius: I will let my body, mind, spirit, and heart rest and relax. 

Pisces: I will release my fear of the unknown and take more risks.

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