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Mercury retrograde is in full gear this week! The planetary moonwalk commences on January 14 and lasts until February 3 in the signs Aquarius and Capricorn. We can expect to have technological and communication mishaps in the upcoming weeks. The Sun and Pluto connect in Capricorn on January 16, giving us power to attain our goals. The Full Moon in Cancer occurs on January 17, offering us an emotional release and reset before the Sun moves into Aquarius on the 19th. Uranus in Taurus ends the retrograde journey that began on August 19, 2021. It’s time to see how things have changed and what progress has been made. The same day, the North Node and South Node of Destiny access the Taurus and Scorpio lunar axis, shifting our priorities towards building a foundation over the next year and a half. 

Witch tips

When the north node enters Taurus on January 18, it’s a wonderful time to set intentions for the next year and a half. Use this as a moment to reflect on the past and to make notes of what you would like to attain in your future. Think about financial, relationship, and personal goals that you would like to build. Write them down on a piece of paper and bury them in your backyard or in the plants that you have in your home. Overtime, you will see it grow, as long as you give it TLC in the months to come. 


The past may come back to haunt you, but the way you deal with these ghosts is up to you. Instead of ignoring them, try to have an open discourse about things that have happened months or years ago. Open your mind and talk to understand things in a better way.


Embrace your strength and stand up against those who aim to bring you down. Your bravery, humility, and kindness will help you to channel the energy of the collective and of yourself. You’re a tough Bull, who can take on situations directly and handle them with the right amount of TLC.


Take this week to unwind and relax. Try to rest your mind and heart, then your spirit will be renewed and able to embrace new situations. The less you think about such matters, the more you can make emotional and intuitive moves without hesitation or pondering too much about it.


This is a week of personal growth in which you are looking to the past to know where you are going in the future. Personal evolution and transformation is at your fingertips if you get out of your comfort zone and learn to embrace newness. Reflect to find a fresh perspective. 


Your agenda may be aimed towards winning over the public. Before you confront any battles over social media, take a few deep breaths and try to find a quieter way to resolve the matter. Don’t give your energy to people who came to bring you down. They’re not worth it.


There are many changes surrounding your personal life that might leak into the career sector of your life this week. Try to maintain balance and harmony in all areas to ensure that both worlds don’t live in a way that can be metamorphic and detrimental to your future and happiness.


You are living in an abundant reality, which is why it is important to put some of your money away for a rainy day to ensure that you have a cushion to fall back on. Planning for the future will make you feel as though you are making financial headway.


You’re feeling like a scapegoat, facing the projections of other people. Take a moment to be still and breathe, as the negative self-talk will only attract more of what you don’t want. Think positively to bring in all of the lovely and amazing sentiments that you crave at the moment.


Unimaginable challenges may cause you to withdraw from encounters with others this week. Don’t close yourself off from those who genuinely care about you. It’s important to note and know that their support will help you heal and bring you some much-needed grounding energy when you need it the most.


As destiny truly knocks at your door, be ready for what is coming next. You have taken the time to hone your skills, and now it is time for you to teach others on these subjects. The opportunities are endless, if you’re willing to embrace everything that comes your way.


You are setting the grid for many years to come. This means you have several things up your sleeve. Let the timing present itself to you in a natural way. An opportunity will be on the way shortly, as long as you are totally honest with what you truly want.


Flow with the forces of the universe to see the astounding results. The moment you let go of the need to control matters, is when you will be able to find your own peace of mind and resolve. This will also elevate you to a deeper level of consciousness too.

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