Astrology by Lisa Stardust

There is a lot of cosmic action in the stars this week. Pay attention to the reveals that were brought to the forefront of our consciousness during the eclipse. The tale is unfolding now.

Mars, who is in Scorpio, squares off with Jupiter, who’s in Aquarius, on December 8. This astrological aspect will actually be good for us all, as it adds excitement and vitality to the day. Venus and Pluto connect in Capricorn on December 11, giving us the opportunity to take our power back in relationships and situations. The same day, Mercury in Sagittarius links up with Jupiter, creating inspiration and motivation to do better in our lives and partnerships. The Sagittarius Sun squares Neptune, who’s in Pisces, on December 12, highlighting the tense energy from the First Quarter Moon in Pisces which occurred on the 10th. Mars moves into Sagittarius on December 13, heightening our thirst for adventure and excitement. Mercury glides into Capricorn on the 13th, making communication concise and direct.


The First Quarter Moon on December 10 is pushing us to take action on the information we saw during last week’s solar eclipse in Sagittarius. Now, we can set intentions around those situations and make moves towards manifesting our dreams. Light a purple or green candle to bring in abundance and prosperity. Then, make a list of the visions you wish to bring to life. 


More often than not, you have the urge to overly express yourself when upset. The problem is that your words can hurt. Instead of verbally confronting those who’ve wronged you, send a handwritten letter. You’ll be able to think your emotions through while crafting it, which will smooth things over.


Aim for the stars and all of the proceeds that you undertake this week. The more you believe in yourself, the higher your vibe, energy, and successes will be. After all, you are a person who is meant for greatness. Don’t let anyone (including yourself) tell you any different, Taurus. 


It’s been a long time since you’ve focused on healing. Instead of giving energy to others and to work, take the time to appreciate all of the wonderful attributes about yourself. This will give you the strength and capacity to center your personal vibe and become one with your heart.


Communication is the central theme of this week. At times, you don’t like to state your feelings openly and hide behind your protective shell. However, now you are more apt to tell others how you feel in the moment instead of hiding. This will help in elevating and deepening all relationships.


Taking the high road may be hard for you to do this week, as you’re finding that the desire to win at all costs is consuming your thoughts. By allowing yourself to get caught up in this one-track thinking, you’ll never fully win because people get hurt in the process.


Flexing your creative muscles will lead you to exciting new places within. Let your mind and intuition take the helm as they evoke your talents to take center stage. This will help you create the art you’ve been fantasizing and dreaming about, but haven’t been motivated to start until now. 


Your routines and mindset are in need of a revamp. Cut out the negative activities that you do and add positive endeavors to your daily life. This will give you an optimistic look at the world, as well as a value to feel better about yourself. Positive vibes, positive mind.


The professional scope of your life is intensifying. All of the fears you’re experiencing about imposter syndrome are on replay in your head. Take a step back and calm down before you get more emotional. Then, acknowledge the fact that you were born to excel and nothing will stop you.


You are longing for a place that aligns with your spiritual pursuits to call home. The problem is that you’re not fully connecting and being open to the energy and spirits around you. Listen to what your ancestors are telling you. They’re pulling you towards a destination for a reason. 


There are always a million things to do in a day, but you should focus on doing them right. Being overwhelmed leads to issues down the road, which is why it’s important to ensure that certain activities are done with care and extra effort. Slow and steady wins the race. 


People are always going to compete with you. After all you are a creative and talented person, one who others often copy. However, you do not have to resort to their low level. Instead of fighting with the haters, use the energy to alleviate and heighten the confidence within yourself.


It’s important to be in the moment and to focus on the present. In order to do so, you’ll have to stop dwelling and let go of jealousies, anger, and resentments. The more you hold onto these sentiments, the less likely you’ll be able to appreciate the goodness around you. 

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