Mars connects with the South Node in Sagittarius on December 15, making us all tired and emotional. The Full Moon in Gemini occurs on December 18, giving us a spiritual awakening. The Sagittarius Sun and Jupiter, who’s in Aquarius, harmonize on December 19 and add optimism to the day. Venus retrograde in Capricorn commences the same day, asking us to refine our spending and relationships. Mercury in Capricorn aligns with Uranus retrograde in Taurus on December 20, opening our eyes to interesting news, insights, gossip, and information. The Winter Solstice and the Sun’s entrance into Capricorn commence on December 21, starting Yuletide celebrations which will give us a few moments of inner reflection. 



Mars and the South Node of Destiny’s cosmic alliance on December 15 will leave us all feeling as though we can’t move forward in any direction. Light a yellow candle (because Wednesday is Mercury’s day) to get the energy flowing and moving on the 15th. Carve your name and birthdate on it. Then, write a letter of intention stating what can use some movement in your life. Place the paper under a bowl of water, in which you can put the candle. Meditate on your desires, then light the candle. Hopefully, the energy won’t feel still or stuck anymore, once the candle starts to burn. 



Your inner desires are coming out, making you lust after a previously held vision. Allow yourself to let go of the illusion that you have created for yourself over the past several years and embrace your truest passions (which you may have forgotten about or put on the back burner).



Your mind is going 1,000,000 miles a second, which is why it is important for you to decompress and relax throughout the week. This means that you shouldn’t let any energy that is detrimental to your own mental or emotional health enter your zone. Protect your energy with extra caution.



Your intuition is on fire this week, which is juxtaposing your logical mind. Find a balance between reason and the emotional side of things to help you understand what the universe is trying to tell you and what news is unfolding around you. Listen to the voice within for guidance.



There is a lot of confusion to where your relationships are currently headed. The more energy and stress you get to the situation, the more ambiguity will mount on your mind and weigh on your heart. Instead of obsessing, guessing, and contemplating about the situation, reach out and discuss matters.



Simply put: You are beyond tired and exhausted. Before you push yourself to the max and beyond your limit, contemplate if the eventual physical and mental burnout is worth it. Therefore, it’s best to ask for help when you need it and to not take on too much right now.



Romance in the air this week. The caveat is that you may want to slow down the sentiment and vibe, with the intention of focusing on yourself. Although this will disappoint the person who’s pursuing you, it’s important for you to feel good about yourself before aligning with someone else.



It’s been a long  time since you’ve felt adventurous, but this week is urging you to get out of your comfort zone and shake up your daily routine. This means trying a new restaurant, taking a class, or going on a day trip out of town to see the world.



This week calls for you to take your power back. Although you never officially gave it away, you’ve been placing your fate and destiny in the hands of others. Now is the ideal time to take charge and be the one who is controlling every aspect of your own life.



Relationships may seem to be more complex than ever, making you second guess your footing with your peers and acquaintances. Instead of running away from problems, which you normally do, try to work them out. Resolving matters will strengthen bonds and squash residual tense vibes that are percolating around you.



This is a week in which self-care is extremely important. Rather than taking on the weight of the world (a sentiment that you usually do), take a step back and let your spirit heal. The more energy you give back to yourself and rest your body, the better you’ll feel.



It’s been a long time since you have allowed yourself to be free, at peace, and to see where the week takes you. Give yourself a moment to turn off your phone and disconnect from others. Smell the roses, take a long lunch break, and indulge in your favorite activities. 



If a situation has proven to be toxic or unhealthy for you, it’s time to let go and cut the cord. Staying in a situation that doesn’t make you happy will prove to be nothing but stress — which is why it’s best to simply move on and release it.

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