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What happens during a lunar eclipse?

A lunar eclipse occurs when the sun, full moon, and earth are in a near-perfect alignment with each other. 

What is a Blood Moon? 

The blood moon is symbolic energy based on the aspect of a lunar eclipse when the earth is exactly aligned between the sun and moon. The sun’s color brings a reddish-orange color to the moon, which is super intensified.

What does it represent?

This is a heightening of our intuition and emotions, as it’s an extremely potent full moon. 

When can I see the lunar eclipse? 

This is the longest partial lunar eclipse of the century and in the past 600 years. It will be at its peak on November 19 at 12:57 AM PT and 3:57 AM ET. 

Here’s where the Beaver Moon gets its nickname.

According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, this is a time when beavers begin to take shelter in their lodges or dams for the upcoming winter season. 

What does the lunar eclipse in Taurus mean, astrologically speaking?

Venus, the planet that governs love and money, began its pre-retrograde journey in Capricorn on November 17. The retrograde officially commences on December 19. Being that Venus is the planet that rules over the zodiac sign Taurus (the sign that the Moon will be in during the lunar eclipse), we can expect to experience delays in how we process information, intuition, and our emotions. 

The day of the eclipse, Venus and Uranus retrograde will connect, adding financial and romantic erraticism to the overall energy. Jupiter and Pluto add intensity to the overall nature. Jupiter expands sentiments, while Pluto pushes for change. The result can be groundbreaking, but that may not be a good thing. If you’re looking to have a different outlook on our deepest heartfelt emotions, then it will help us do that. Mostly, it’s asking us to decide what we want to invest our time and energy in. Is the effort worth the work? Or, is the juice worth the squeeze? 

The fixed star Caput Algol (known as “Medusa’s Head”) links up with the moon, creating emotional havoc. As long as we don’t resort to acting in extremities and find a calm center, we can use this energy to implement growth. 

What rituals do astrologers recommend trying during the eclipse?

A Blood Moon eclipse is a wonderful time to connect with your ancestors. Clean and clear your altars, light white candles to evoke their spirits, and present them with flowers to show your appreciation. 

Lunar eclipses are times in which we have to let go of things that are no longer serving our highest good. Therefore, it’s advised to do heavy cleaning around the home and to throw out items that you don’t want. Donate them to charity. 

Do something nice for yourself. Take yourself out to an indulgent meal or to treat yourself to a massage. Have a healing bath with flowers, herbs, and Epsom salt to rejuvenate your body. This is a time of self-care, which is why it’s important to treat your body and self like a temple. 

Light pink or green candles and set up a vase of pink roses to evoke and honor Venusian energy. Give the goddess of love and money the respect she deserves with a simple act of gratitude. 

The lunar eclipse has a message for each zodiac sign.

Each sun sign will be affected by the eclipse on November 19 differently, according to astrologers. Meditate on one of the below mantras, depending on your sun sign, as part of your lunar eclipse ritual. 

You are the one who calls the shots in your life, which means that you only answer to yourself. 

Be selfish with love: Shift your heart’s focus and give yourself the TLC that you crave. 

As long as you know who you are, it shouldn’t be hard to figure out where you’re going. 

Friends are showing their true colors, which will make you want to disconnect for a moment. 

Don’t swim against the tides that are coming towards you, opt to move with the currents. 

Thinking outside the box will allow you to shift and evolve the perspectives that you’ve grown up with. 

As long as you center yourself, change and growth won’t throw your footing off balance. 

As one relationship closes, another fruitful partnership comes to fruition at this time. 

You don’t have to take on the weight of the world to prove that you’re strong and stealth. 

Creativity runs through your heart and veins, urging you to show your art to the world.

The ground may feel shaky, which is why it’s best to root yourself in your fundamental beliefs. 

Connect with those you love to ensure that you’re not swimming through life alone.

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