WITCH TIPS & HOROSCOPES 11/10-11/16/2021

Astrology. by Lisa Stardust

Mercury and Mars link up in Scorpio, then square Saturn, which is in Aquarius, on November 10. This is a tense aspect in which we will want to push back against authority or the controlling forces in our lives. The Scorpio Sun and Neptune, which is retrograde in Pisces, connect on November 12, adding dreamy and exhausting energy to the day. Mercury opposes Uranus retrograde in Taurus on November 13, opening our eyes to new and exciting sentiments. The Sun squares Jupiter in Aquarius on the 15th, then harmonizes with Pluto in Capricorn on the 16th. Both days will expand our power and emotional depth. 

Thursday’s First Quarter Moon in Aquarius calls for us to take action. If you’re wanting to make up with someone, then use this as an opportunity to connect with them. It’s a day for letting go and starting fresh.

You can sweeten up the situation by doing candle magic (maybe a pink, blue, or white candle) to set the peaceful tone between you both. Write down the intention clearly and place it under the candle, which should be in a bowl of water to ignite the spirits. Then let it burn away problems.


You are more powerful than ever now, due to the fact that your intuition is at a high. Don’t take this energy for granted, use it to your advantage by seeking out the answers to all of the questions that have been on your mind. Gain clarity this week, Aries.


It’s time to focus on yourself, which may be challenging to do considering that you’re always putting others ahead of you. Meditate on what you want and how you want to grow. The moment you are aware of your innate desires then it’s time to make moves and take action.


Structures must be changed this week, even though you do not want to initiate the destruction of the past. Consider evoking a different mentality and understanding of life that aligns with your daily vibe. The moment you augment your thinking on matters and ideology, the easier your life will become.


Change is harder for you than most as you don’t like to leave your comfort zone. However, you may want to implement growth in your life in order to spread your wings and evolve. Start the process slowly by taking baby steps towards transformation. Walk, don’t run towards personal evolution.


Rather than hold onto the past, move forward this week. It’s time for you to shed old feelings and emotions in order to make way for new ones to arise within. The moment you choose to let go of residual blockages, you’ll feel energetically lighter and able to move freely.


You don’t have to feel guilty for wanting space away from others. In fact, having time to yourself is the best way to relax and unwind. Be selfish with how much energy you give to others and put your needs first to ensure that you don’t deplete your loving cup.


Your goals are shifting and evolving at the moment, making you want to attain utter greatness. This is a week for you to be successful in the tasks that you take on — especially if you are emotionally invested in the project. Create and give your attention to what you love.


You may feel as though others are coming after you, due to the fact that they are picking arguments and projecting their feelings onto you. Remember that this is their insecurities, not yours. You don’t have to deal with other people’s problems, which is why it’s best to ignore them.


You do not always have to express how you feel to everyone, especially if you know it’s going to hurt their feelings. This week calls for you to contemplate and strategize the way you communicate in an effort to make peace with those you care about and minimize the drama.


Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, it’s time to take stock about the fabulous things that you have going on. The moment you look at the glass as half full rather than half empty your whole perspective will change. Embrace a more positive and optimistic perspective this week.


The vision that you’re working towards attaining isn’t the right one for you. Instead of feeling as though you have to continue working towards an outdated goal, allow yourself to evolve with the times and lean into what you want, even if it’s different than the path you’re currently on.


Maintain an open mind when interacting with others. You may find that they are more prone to discuss their problems and emotions if you aren’t judgmental. Being that you have such a tender heart, this won’t be a problem for you. In fact, you’ll be happy they’re confiding in you.

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