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Astrology by Lisa Stardust 

The New Moon in Aquarius is a transformative time that will have a lasting impact on our lives. Instead of allowing ourselves to be stuck in the same old situations, it’s urging us to make meaningful changes that help us move towards our innermost dreams, visions, and state of being.

This lunation Is activating the Saturn and Uranus square, which was one of the major astrological transit of 2021. February 17, June 14, and December 24, 2021 were the three days that the transit was exact last year. Therefore, we should look at the stories that unfolded at those times to see how we can navigate through this Dark Moon. 

Uranus, who’s the planet of rebellion and freedom and is currently orbiting the sign Taurus, shared an exact square with the Aquarius Sun on January 30, urging us to be the truest and most authentic versions of ourselves. When the Moon squares Uranus during the New Moon, it’s time to make an emotional break, which includes speaking one’s mind, owning your feelings, and not being afraid to be who we are on the inside. 

Rather than letting fear and judgements hold us back, we are opting to evolve past that and transcend. We haven’t allowed ourselves to speak up for a long time. Now is the time to let it all out without hesitation. 

The New Moon occurs on January 31 at 9:45 PM PT and February 1 at 12:45 AM ET. 

  • Look in a mirror and embrace your shadow self by stating all of the attributes that you keep hidden. Repeat them while looking at yourself. Allow yourself to understand that these are parts of you that you need to give love and light to. Although we do not want them to be known to others, they are a part of us. Self-love requires that we own and care for these sentiments that are deep within ourselves, which is why this exercise is meant to give us a better understanding and TLC to these sentiments. 

  • Connect with your inner child by revisiting situations and times that upset you in your youth. Journal your feelings. Allow yourself to understand the emotions that were being felt and begin to forgive yourself. Also, love the person you were and who you became. 

  • Cleanse your space with lavender and a white candle with your door or window open. Release the old energy and invite new energy into your home. Set intentions while you’re doing this to invite good energy in.


Aries: I will be a friend who is present to those in my inner circle. 

Taurus: I will build the professional landscape that suits me. 

Gemini: I will keep an open mind on matters, situations, and friendships. 

Cancer: I will lean into my intuition and my feelings more. 

Leo: I will only partner with those who share a mutual respect with me. 

Virgo: I will spend time nurturing and healing my body through rest and relaxation.

Libra: I will surrender to love and give my heart to those I care about. 

Scorpio: I will focus my energies on changing my personal world for the better. 

Sagittarius: I will try to speak with an open and honest heart. 

Capricorn: I will build my confidence by fully believing in myself. 

Aquarius: I will begin to grow and evolve to embrace my truest potential. 

Pisces: I will relinquish the need to control situations and trust the process.

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