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The week ahead is lovely and amazing. It offers a big relief of stress and offers hope. On February 3, Mercury ends the retrograde journey that began January 14TH in Capricorn. Communication will commence and normalize now. Mars, who is in Capricorn, aligns with Jupiter, who is in Pisces, on February 4th and then Mars and Uranus, who’s in Taurus, link up on February 8th. This will give us a lot of gusto and drive to attain our goals — especially on February 4th when Sun and Saturn connect in Aquarius, making us take our dreams seriously and during the First Quarter Moon in Taurus which occurs on February 8th, that’s growing our visions.


Rather than using your energy to elevate yourself, you were opting to give this time to help those in need. Giving freely of yourself to your friends, community, and a humanitarian endeavor will allow you to grow and blossom in many ways, as well as heal and support the greater good. 


The time has come for you to step out-of-the-box and see you increase your creative sentiments. You will use your artistry and talents to make an amazing, inventive, and sweet vision for the world. Let your mind wander and dream. This will bring your aspirations and intentions into actual reality.


Use this week’s cosmic climate as an opportunity to analyze and learn from mistakes you have previously made to ensure that you don’t get burned again. That way you can move forward with healthier relationship dynamics in the present and future. Also, create the friendships and partnerships that you want.


It’s not in your nature to let people you care about to fall flat on their faces. However, sometimes they have to learn how to stand on their own two feet without having you always there to pick up the pieces and being dragged into their drama. Choose to disengage.


It may feel as if your hard work is not paying off. Don’t get too down on yourself this week. Keep faith in yourself. Change is happening, you might just not see it yet, but things are percolating beneath the surface and progress is coming. Be patient with the energy. 


Although it is important to have big dreams, try not to let your fantasies interfere with your duties. The more grounded and realistic you are with your visions, the easier it will be to bring them to fruition and keep your goals in line with your personal aspirations and hopes. 


Change is in the air and around the corner, Libra. Use this as a time to better your life and to heal past wounds. Don’t get too stuck in mundane issues that you forget to do the work that is required to evolve into the most amazing version of yourself. 


You have very strong karmic ties to a partner in your life that has always supported you in all your dreams and endeavors. Take time out to let them know how much you appreciate them to allow your love to grow into a more committed and deep place this week. 


Your fiery and ingenious passion encourages you to tap into a wealth of knowledge and that has you chomping at the bit for more enriching connections. You may be thirsting for stimulating conversations that discuss the nuances of life, which can be found with a new group of like-minded friends.


Letting go of people who don’t have your best interests has been hard, but you’re better on the other side of the heartache. The caveat is that they’re trying to come back and do a whole 360. Going full circle in life means that things never change, they just continue.


This is the moment when you will understand the ramifications of your actions and decide to apologize or make amends with the people that you have hurt. If you were in a relationship, it’s time to understand the existing issues in your partnership clearly and make strides to change them.


You are strongly tapped into the intuitive transcendent waves of life. Your third eye is illuminating emotional realness this week — especially when it comes to what you need in matters of the heart. Trust what is being shown to you at this moment to make life changing decisions in love.

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