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Astrology by Lisa Stardust

This week is action-packed. However, the cosmos are working with us and not against us (for a change). Mercury and Pluto connect in Capricorn on February 11, followed by Mercury aligning with the Nodes of Destiny on February 12. These aspects are allowing us to move in the right direction, as well as make contacts that will benefit our future. Mercury re-enters Aquarius on Valentine’s Day, the same time that Pluto links up with the Nodes of Destiny. We are going back in time to the beginning of January when Mercury first entered Aquarius. This time, we can remedy matters. The Aquarius Sun squares the Nodes of Destiny on February 15th, urging us to evolve our ways and move forward with our dreams. 

Witch Tips:

Being that the Nodes of Destiny are being activated this week, it’s time for us to choose our path in life. Light a white candle. Meditate for a few minutes. Take a deck of tarot cards and pull three cards (past, present, and future). Then, place a card underneath all of these to gain more clarity. Journal the cards you pull and write about the energy you find within them. Think about how you can evoke the highest potential from these cards in order to find the right path. 


Issues with power and control are beginning to consume your emotions, as those you thought could be of service are turning against you. Think about how you’ve been manipulating others and situations on your quest towards achieving the desirable endgame. Apologize for your actions and do better in the future.


The projects that are keeping you busy this week may feel like minimal tasks, but they are all part of a larger picture. Don’t stop giving your all to the work you are doing, it will lead to something momentous and major shortly. Keep the faith even if it’s tedious. 


You may feel as though life is in one loop and not changing in any way. However, you can make moves and shift the energy by taking baby steps towards growth. Make a list of the objectives you want to attain and try to make them an actual viable reality.


It’s time to stand in your power, Cancer. Instead of hiding your emotions away, start speaking from the heart and let your feelings be known. The more you express yourself, the more you’ll be able to choose healthier ways to deal with others and your sentiments in the long term. 


Change the way you think about relationships and friendships this week. Rather than assessing situations and commitments from your own perspective, try to see them from the scope of a partnership. Instead of looking at matters as me vs we, try it the other way around for the best results. 


More often than not, you opt to take the less confrontational way out of matters. Although that has been easy in the past, you are finding that you have to be more assertive in your current situations and relationships in order to be heard loudly and seen clearly by others. 


Now that you’ve found your special someone, it’s important to show them that you care in an effort to not take them for granted. Do something nice for the person you care the most about this week without expecting anything in return. This simple act will completely transform the relationship. 


Trying to find inner peace within can be hard when you’re taking on the weight of the world. Give yourself a break from the outside noise and allow yourself a moment to recenter. This will help you towards finding a chill spot that allows you to heal and evolve simultaneously. 


Mundane activities and errands are leaving minimal time for pleasure in your life. Therefore, it’s time for you to seek out things that are gratifying to your body, mind, and spirit. Take a break from the boredom, stress, and anxieties of your daily existence and cut loose by having fun. 


Never one to take major risks, you are finding that the only way to achieve your goals, hopes, and aspirations is to roll the dice. Taking a chance on a professional endeavor will lead to a hefty payout in the end — only by pursuing the dream at the moment. 


Your foundation is shifting, which means that you are evolving on a deep level. While this may seem and feel overwhelming, it’s important to go with the flow and embrace all the changes that are happening. Stop resisting the inevitable transformation you are experiencing at the moment. Lean into growth. 


Tending to your ancestors and giving respect to your lineage is key. Spend a few minutes a day honoring the past and your family in order to find clarity in the best ways to propel your life forward. Also, to gain a deeper understanding of your dreams, visions, and goals.

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