Each zodiac sign has their own kinks, turn ons, and erotic language. Virgos practice sex as a ritual and Pisces like to splash around in water for fun. The innate nature of every sun sign dictates their pleasures, erogenous zones, and preferences. What does your sign say about you? 

The ram is known to be a sexual daredevil and wiil go to any lengths to have their whims fulfilled in the moment they want it. Aries like to be in pursuit and can easily be consumed with situations or people that take effort, time, passion, and most importantly — winning.

Turn ons: Being that Aries rules the head, they’ll like hair pulling when in the moment or a head rub that tickles to ignite their sensual senses. 

Even though Taurus is a fixed zodiac sign and enjoys the rigidity of life, the furthest sentiment is true when it comes to the boudoir. Known for their indulgent and sensual nature, the Bull will try any position under the sun as long as it involves touch, tenderness, and kink.

Turn ons: Sex in a romantic, luxurious, and cozy setting that allows them to let their guard down and to be present in their bodies. 

Geminis are known to be super chatty, which means that they will find any sexual adventure that combines their mouth, tongue, and talkative nature together. Oral sex and dirty talk are known turn ons. Gemini can also get turned on from sensual stories being told about to them by others.

Turn ons: Edible underwear or glitter is a must, as well as a phone so they can call someone to become aroused by the conversation. 

Cancers have two secret spots that drive them wild to the touch: their stomachs and their nipples. If you give the zodiac sign Cancer a few butterfly kisses in either erogenous spot, they’ll feel as though they’re in an extreme errotic state that will bring them ecstasy and intense orgasms.

Turn ons: Nipple clamps, trust, and submissive partners (that have a tender nature and only let their inner freak out for them) are major turn ons.

We all know that Leos love theatrics, which is why the lion will go all out in setting the stage and ambiance for their romantic encounters with luminous candles, red satin sheets, and fancy lace or silky underwear. This means splurging on whips, paddles, and handcuffs for their naughty partner.

Turn ons: This passionate sign rules the heart, which is why it doesn’t take much to turn them on except the energy and heat that radiates intensity with their partner. 

You’d never expect it, due to their pristine reputation, but Virgos have a kinky side. They will be the ones tying up their partner or masturbating before as a stress reliever everyday. Sex is like a ritual to this earth sign. And, it’s one that has to be done routinely. 

Turn ons: An orderly and clean space, which can be anywhere with anyone as long as there is a deep mental connection. 

The buttocks are ruled by the sign Libra, which means that this air sign will enjoy receiving light or intense taps and squeezes on their backside. A good spanking is always fun for Libra, who will become aroused by the sound, touch, and feeling of having their sweet cheeks slapped.

Turn ons: Making their partner orgasm before them is a huge turn on. They like giving more than receiving. 

Scorpio likes to bring mind games and power plays to the bedroom. They crave intimacy and deep connections, which penetrates into their sexual romps and transcends into their relationships. Sex is a cathartic and necessary experience for them, as healthy pleasure brings pain, an exploration of taboos, submission, and dominance.

Turn ons: Blindfolds, hot wax, and anything that that you can dream of that are on the obscure or risky side send Scorpio over the moon with delight.

Sagittarius don’t just dream about amazing sex, they indulge their fantasies in reality. This means acting out anything that pops into their minds, as the spontaneous nature of Sagittarius allows them to indulge in their fetishes and sexual romps that they engage in. Their adventurous sentiments will try anything once.

Turn ons: The lead up to sex, especially when it’s done in a clandestine matter — which is ironic because they’re down for any adventure or place.

Being that the sea-goat works hard, they like to play hard too. Capricorn has an open mind and healthy approach to sex. They’ll be drawn to acts of role-playing with a partner, sex in a public place, and kinks that include fetishes that they’ll send their erragenous zones to tingles. 

Turn ons: Tickles with feathers behind the knees or having their legs kissed seductively are major turn ons for Capricorn. 

Watching others partake in sex, orgies or group sex, and voyeurism make Aquarius hot. The water-bearer even likes creating videos of themselves coming to orgasm and sharing or receiving them to turn the heat on in the bedroom. Whether it’s undressing or masterbation, Aquarius enjoys watching most private sexual endeavors.

Turn ons: Being the one who gets to record their partner undressing, showering, or pleasuring themselves. The same applies to them. 

Water play is a must for Pisces, who finds this act super liberating. Being that Pisces is in their element, it’ll serve as a lubricant for their bodies and genitals. Not only that, but it gives them the buoyancy (due to floatation) to try out different positions in the water.

Turn ons: Being submissive to a partner who wants to possess them in the moment and switching it up to be the dominant one after. 

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