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The Sun and Moon oppose each other in the sky, while the Earth resides in between the two planets. The juxtaposition and position of the planets creates a glowing effect on the Moon that makes it look brighter than ever  from the Earth’s perspective. 


What does it represent?


The full moon represents the culmination of the 30 day lunar cycle. All of the projects that we’ve been working on for the past month reach an ending or hit a pivotal turning point. Change and growth has happened. Now is the time to reflect and enjoy the fruits of our labors. 


When does February’s full moon in Leo occur? 

The full moon occurs on February 16 at 8:56 AM PT and 11:56 AM ET. 

Here’s where the Snow Moon gets its nickname.

This is a time of heavy snowfall throughout the world, particularly North America.

What does the full moon in Leo mean, astrologically speaking?

The full moon in Leo squares the Nodes of Destiny, which is moving backwards on the lunar nodes of Taurus and Scorpio. This means that the full moon is all about choice. We are at a crossroads in time and are in a position to create our own fate. 

The asteroids Lilith and Eris are in close orbit to the full moon and offer us the option to defy the norms and status quo. We can defy the expectations that others have projected onto us and embrace our innate desires without hesitation. The minor frustration from Pluto the Leo moon adds the passion to live freely on our own terms. 

The fixed star Al Jabhah aligns with the moon and adds a powerful energy that encourages us to stand strong in the face of adversity. The moment has come for us to embrace our true feelings and nature. It’s time we made decisions that benefit ourselves and are heartfelt. Chose the truest path, the one you know deep down to be right and believe the most in.

The same day, Venus and Mars align in Capricorn. Venus, the planet who represents love and sensuality, and Mars, who’s the planet that signifies desire and action, coming together is a big deal. It shows that partnerships can become more stable. Also, that we are serious in how we partner and that we are willing to work in attaining our endgame within relationships. Keep in mind that Venus is still in its post-retrograde zone until March 1, which means that we’ll be focusing on how to integrate the lessons we learned during the Venusian backspin into our partnerships to attain healthy, promising, and abundant connections with others. 

What rituals should you do during the full moon?

The astrological practice of Moon mapping ascribes rituals to each of the Moon’s eight phases. Here are a few rituals to consider trying out during February 16’s full Moon. 

  • The sign Leo is associated with the heart chakra, which is why this is a wonderful lumnation to exercise this part of the body. Create a herbal tea of rose petals and/or nettle. You can infuse the water with rose quartz, but don’t drink the actual crystal. This will open up the heart chakra to bring you confidence and love.

  • Cleanse and charge your crystals under the luminous full moon to help them reach peak potency in the upcoming days. You can also cleanse and charge your tarot deck or other divinational tools under the moon’s glow. This is important for your personal use and practice. 

  • Do a self-love meditation by visualizing yourself cutting all the negative cords that are holding you back or standing in the way of attaining success. Release and let go of them to allow yourself to move forward in a better direction. 

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