The Leo Full Moon occurs on February 16, the same day as the Venus and Mars conjunction in Capricorn. This will bring many pleasant surprises our way in matters of love and money. Jupiter in Pisces connects with Uranus in Taurus, allowing our dreams to take flight on February 17. The following day, the Sun moves into Pisces, expanding our imagination and consciousness.

Witch tip:

This week calls for us to exercise our hearts and attain self-love. The best way to heal our heart chakras is to make a list of all of our amazing attributes and another of all of the flaws we think exist in ourselves. Take the list of flaws and rip it up. Flush it down the toilet or throw it away. That way of thinking doesn’t exist anymore. The list of positives should remain on your mirror and become part of your daily affirmations and thoughts to bring in the amazing energy.


Your day-to-day routine has left you feeling a little drab. While you may feel as though your power is fading, this week stirs up your daily grind, giving you the motivation to explore uncharted territory. Try to avoid the desire to create drama in a moment of boredom for entertainment.


This week, you are more inclined to focus on personal affairs, instead of giving your all to the public and work. This means that you are putting your best foot forward to creating a home that is nourishing to your soul and personal life that is rich in love. 


In the event that there is somebody you need to give a progressively significant job in your life, let them know or offer them a hint. On the off chance that this person doesn’t respond to your efforts, do not change your methodology and opt to persevere for your chance.


You’re feeling very sentimental and grounded, Cancer. Take advantage of this week’s energy by adjusting your desires to align with your loved ones. Doing so will ensure that misunderstandings do not put a damper on your vibes and can create a better understanding between everyone that is around you now.


There are major shifts happening in the professional spectrum of work, giving you the opportunity to change your current professional direction. Choose a new path to elevate your skills and to create different opportunities that will lead you to your endgame goals. Evolution and growth await you at this moment. 


A get-rich-quick idea has landed in your lap. Be warned: it’s not the right project to invest in. Swiftly decline and donate money to a charity or fundraiser. Your charitable stocks will rise, as well as your social standing in your community which will help elevate your status. 


Are you being met with more frowns than smiles? You excel at being the boss, due to your diplomatic nature, but not everyone wants to be told what to do. Worry about your own actions ahead of others to avoid having confrontations that are not necessary at work right now.


Currently, you are struggling with finding balance in your life. Therefore, it is important for you to craft a schedule and situate it throughout the week. Although rigidity is not something that you find solace in, it is very important for you to be regimented in order to maintain an equilibrium.


It’s ok to be selfish sometimes. In fact, there is nothing wrong with focusing on yourself and not worrying about what everyone else is up to. The more light and energy you give to improving your situation — the faster you’ll see results. You can succeed by putting yourself first.


You may feel like everyone wants something from you and they aren’t being reciprocal in the relationship. Understand that you do not have to open your heart or wallet to such people. Having boundaries and protecting your energy from these emotional vampires will help you feel better about the partnership.


Relationships are more tense than usual, as you are being met with pushback or drama from a friend, family member, or partner. Instead of allowing the frustrations to reach a high level by ignoring the problems, give them the opportunity to speak their minds and respond calmly to remedy matters.


You may be met with resistance from others when trying to get projects off the ground this week. The only solution is to take stock of their notations and apply them to the work that you’re doing and use it to better the endeavor. Don’t give up without trying harder.

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