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Astrology by Lisa Stardust


The New Moon in Pisces on March 2 is a wonderful time to feel your feelings and plan for the future. Unlike the recent astrological aspects, this is a time of emotional growth and spiritual transformation. 

This lunation aspects lucky Jupiter and limitless Uranus. We are breaking free from the constraints that are holding us back and swimming towards a place of spiritual growth. The energy is transcendent and fruitful, which means that we can construct the life we want based on our own philosophical viewpoints. 

The same day, Mercury and Saturn unite in Aquarius. We are choosing to think and contemplate our moves and the best strategies in attaining our goals. Allow yourself a moment to think and feel. Don’t rush the process of transformation. Take your time in deciding the best path for you to follow. 

*The New Moon occurs on March 2 at March 2, 9:35 AM PT and 12:35 PM ET.



  • Light a blue candle for peace and clarity. This will help bring balance to your life. First, write your intentions and goals down on a piece of paper. Then, place the candle in a bowl of water to call in the spirits and place the letter of intention under the bowl. Meditate on your desires and light the candle. 

  • Take an Epsom salt bath with mint and basil to reset the vibe and energy in your auric field. You can add amethyst for protection and healing to the bath. 

  • Cleanse your citrine crystals under the New Moon to infuse it with abundance, positivity, wealth, and prosperity from the cosmos. Lay down and place the crystals on your solar plexus while meditating to breathe in the lovely energy that this lunation and crystals has to offer. 


Aries: I dream, therefore I am powerful and capable of anything. 

Taurus: I can help others by giving my time freely and generously. 

Gemini: I flow with the beat of my heart and the inspiration that follows. 

Cancer: I will be kinder and gentler to myself at all times. 

Leo: I will embrace changes and growth as they come without fear. 

Virgo: I will stop being critical and be more compassionate to others. 

Libra: I will take time out of my daily routine to focus on myself. 

Scorpio: I will move towards my creative desires and sentiments. 

Sagittarius: I can reflect on the past to build a better future. 

Capricorn: I won’t allow myself to believe false gossip without fact-checking. 

Aquarius: I am an amazing being who is worthy of love and respect.


Pisces: I will stop people-pleasing and focus on my needs.

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