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The Pisces New Moon occurs on March 2, the same day the Sun and Uranus in Taurus connect, followed by the Sun and Jupiter aspecting each other in Pisces on March 5. This will allow us to break free from the past. Mercury and Saturn align in Aquarius on March 2, which creates a contemplative vibe. Four days later, Mercury squares the Nodes of Destiny, bringing fated connections and events to us. Both Venus and Mars connect with Pluto in Capricorn on March 3, pushing us to confront and crush obstacles that stand in our way. Venus and Mars enter Aquarius on March 6, then form a conjunction together, mending our hearts and resolving emotions. 

Witch tip:

Being that Mercury is active this week, it is a wonderful time to reach out to people for guidance and support. Consider organizing an event with friends, family, or loved ones in which you can share your hopes, dreams, and fears. Releasing pent up feelings will be a great way to release the energy, receive or give support,  and to heal in the process. You can also work on soothing the throat chakra by singing words to help speak your truth. 


You’re not only releasing some serious emotions, but learning to live your truest life on your terms. The less care you give to the haters and those who try to push you down instead of lift you up the better you’ll feel. Own your personal thoughts and change your world.



Life has been extremely busy lately, which isn’t helping you become motivated in implementing tasks and tackling your to-do list. Give yourself the chance to rest and then revisit projects that are lingering. The more TLC you give to yourself, the more energy and drive you’ll have towards accomplishing work.



Beautiful things blooming inside of you and longing to be seen and heard. But, exterior elements could feel rough and rocky at this moment. Be gentle with yourself. More importantly, be aware of the energy that you are receiving and giving to ensure that it’s aligned with your current vibration.


If you’re experiencing setbacks and frustrations, it could be resulting from the tactics you’re using to control and manipulate situations. Let go of the need to play puppet master and allow fate to take the wheel. Everything happens for a reason and some matters are unavoidable as they are destined.


Change isn’t something that you’re necessarily good at — even though your fiery nature allows you to take charge and take action. Moving towards a different path will take lots of emotional effort, as your headstrong ways aren’t helping you transform. Seek out new and exciting adventures on your journey.



Maintaining boundaries is always hard, especially when you care about the person who you’re having issues with and don’t want to offset the dynamic. Understanding that it’s important to set limits at times will help the relationship flourish, not dampen the connection. Remember that as you move forward this week.



Your friendships may be evolving this week, allowing you to take a step back and enjoy them in their fullest capacity. Don’t be scared to express your emotions and let your voice be heard. You’ll be happily surprised by the response you are being given if you’re open with others.



This is a wonderful week to drive deep into your fantasies. Whether it’s payroll playing or living in a daydream, you will find that the best way to escape from mundane activities and to pass through the hours is to focus on the whimsical and romantic side of your life.



It’s a good time to connect with your ancestors. Cleanse your altar and dedicate time to adding candies and flowers that the spirits who support and are around you like. Giving to them will help protect and safeguard your energy and vibe. Plus, it will upgrade your frequency at home.



The tides of life are changing and creating different career opportunities that are helping you take stock of what you want to invest your professional energy in. Make a list to assess your goals in order to gain perspective and clarity on all matters that are weighing on your shoulders.



This isn’t a time for thinking, it’s a time for feeling. Allow yourself to dive deep into your emotions without judgment. The less pressure you put on yourself right now, the better and easier it’ll be to let your sentiments be known. Lead with your heart throughout the week ahead.



Simply put: Your overactive mind has reached its limit this week. Before you have a meltdown from the overload of information you’re receiving, take a step back and breathe. Don’t become too overstimulated that you can’t focus and are exhausted at all times. Give yourself a mental and emotional break.

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