Artwork by Josh Pierce

Astrology by Lisa Stardust

Welcome to Spring! Mercury in Pisces and Uranus in Taurus connect on March 17th , elevating our minds to greater heights. The Full Moon in Virgo occurs on March 18th, urging us to make discerning decisions based on intuition. The Pisces Sun and Pluto in Capricorn harmonize on the 18th, elevating our drive and determination to succeed. Venus in Aquarius and Uranus square off on March 19th, followed by Mars in Aquarius making the same stressful aspect with Uranus on the 22nd, urging us to break free from constraints holding us emotionally back. The spring equinox, astrological new year, and Sun’s ingress into Aries occur on March 20th, bringing a new season full of possibilities. Mercury and Jupiter align in Pisces on March 21, broadening our perspectives and horizons.

Witch Tip:

it’s important for us to take time out of our busy schedules and connect to our inner ourselves. Therefore, mediation is crucial in helping us align with our truest goals. Close your eyes and breathe in, then out. Visualize what makes you happy. Where do you feel at your most beautiful, seen, heard, and wonderful? Use that energy in channeling positivity throughout the work, to center and free yourself of negative energy as you navigate the rough seas ahead. 


You feel more inclined to connect to the world on a very interpersonal basis. You might even find yourself looking into counseling programs or delve into very deep psychological conversations with yourself in order to heal the wounds and trauma from the past that you’re still holding inside your heart.


You may feel inclined to work and collaborate on collective long-term projects with others. Let your teammates in on your ideas and plans, as they may help bring things to fruition much faster and add to your amazing insights. Hear them out, but don’t fully detour from your original vision.


Be open to the messages floating into your inbox this week. You never know if a career contact has the potential to be your friend outside of work and to help you in your career aspirations. Just be aware that good fortune is coming through your personal and professional connections.


You have a caring mind and heart which has sometimes hurt you at the end of the day. Constantly giving to others without anything in return is having a problematic affect on your psyche. Make sure to implement boundaries so you don’t get taken for granted by those you know.


A get rich quick idea has landed in your lap. Be forewarned: it’s not the right project to invest in. Swiftly decline and donate money to a charity or humanitarian endeavor that you fully believe in. Your charitable stocks will rise, as well as your social standing in your community.


Worried about getting a return on the fruits of your labor? Try to take a breather when you feel your temperature rising and you want to assert your sentiments. You’ll thank yourself later when you’re recognized by your peers for keeping your cool when times were tough. You’ve got this!


This is a week in which she will begin to put your needs aside and focus on others. You often find pleasure in helping those who care about attaining greatness, which is why it will be easy for you to do so in the days ahead without any hidden agenda.


Subdue your dramatic and intense emotions. Allow yourself to step back from a frustrating situation and re-energize your batteries. After all, you don’t have to argue until the bitter end to make your point known. The ultimate power is the ability to walk away. No response is a defiant response.


Your creativity is happening every day, allowing you to put your artistry and talents into a project that speaks to your heart. Don’t be shy and let others see the endeavor you are working on at the moment. They will be your biggest fans and offer loads of emotional support.


No matter how loud you speak, your peers are not hearing you or listening clearly. Before you dig your heels in the ground out of frustration, try to communicate in a more effective way. This may entail sending an email to others telling your feelings to avoid further issues.


Finding harmony in your life may be hard this week, as you are dealing with the inability to grow and transform on an intimate level. Although it may be hard to change, you will be able to evolve over time. Let it happen naturally and go with the universal flow.


There are beautiful sentiments blooming inside of you right now. Allow yourself the chance to express all of these wonderful things with the world outside of you. It may help you find a moment of clarity, as you’re easily aligning with the emotions and intuition of others at this time.

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